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Everything begins

with a change ...

Bild: Everthing begins with a change

For many years I accompanying people and animals on the path of holistic, all-encompassing, irrevocable and everlasting healing of all areas of life and life issues as well as serious illnesses and long-term illnesses.


To do this, I use my knowledge as a shaman as well as in animal communication and my gift as a medium to guide people and animals specifically to the trigger, the core, the origin of diseases no matter what kind they are. Through my training in "shamanism", in "shamanic healing work", it is possible for me to change and transform the core, the trigger, the origin of illnesses as well as the soul issues that accompany us and to start the process of healing.


Furthermore, I harmonize buildings, properties and areas, free them from foreign energies, external influences, close energy holes and harmonize water veins, earth radiations, power networks, curry networks and all associated disturbance zones. Here too, I use my gift and my knowledge as a shaman and medium to locate and recognize disturbance zones of all kinds and to lead them into the change.


Last but not least, I accompany people through healing circles, meditation and relaxation evenings as well as mindfulness evenings on their predetermined path of healing and train people in the "shamanism", the "shamanic healing work" and in the "animal communication".


If you have any questions about my work or you are interested in the services I offer, please do not hesitate to contact me on my phone number (+49 162 2149781). I will be happy to help, advise and lead you.